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Their feet have touched this Earth
Their soles covered in the dirt
Their strides bring them through day into night
These boys, lost and wandering

They walk to stay alive
Leaving lives far behind
No rest within their sight
These boys, lost and wandering

Across the corpse of their home
To our shores, to find we have corpse of our own
A destination never known
These boys, lost and wandering

We say that they are safe now
Away from lions and predators
Amongst the stone jungle with its perpetrators
These boys, lost and wandering

No parent left to hold them tight
And hear sounds of foreign land in the night
It matters not, they're only refugees, right?
These boys, lost and wandering

These boys robbed of childhood
Have achieved much more than thought they could
Walked the length of jungle and dessert into your neighborhood
These boys, lost and wandering

So think you have a heard journey?
Think you that the obstacles be many
Just remember then the eternal amblers
These boys, lost and wandering
A poem I did for the Lost boys of Sudan
FeAlasFuerza Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2009
A few years ago i had a student in my microbiology class who was a Lost Boy. A great soul, a great heart, and he earned an A, and is now at the U of A working on a masters degree. He also started a nonprofit org to help education back at his home town. Amazing. Luv your poem!
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